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Summoners War: Leveling Up Your Monsters

Are you having trouble getting past a certain stage or boss? The most likely reason would be that your Monsters haven’t leveled up yet. Leveling up your Monsters is another essential thing you need to know when playing Summoners War.

Whenever you win a battle, your Monsters gain experience points, and when they level up, their stats also increase. The experience points will depend on what kind of area you’ve completed—arena, dungeon, story, or the Trial of Ascension. Each gives out different experience points for your Monsters.


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That said, some Monsters have a maximum level. You might notice that no matter how many battles you’ve won with your Monster team, one or two of your Monsters stop gaining experience. When this happens, it means that they have reached the limit of their Star Rating. Each Monster has a corresponding Star Rating, and this determines how many levels they can achieve. For reference:

  • 1-Star Rated Monster can only level up to 15
  • 2-Star Rated Monster levels up to 20
  • 3-Star Monster can level up to 25
  • 4-Star Monster can level up to 30
  • 5-Star Monster peaks at Level 35, and
  • 6-Star Monster can reach a maximum of Level 40


Awakening and Evolution

There are two ways to further level up your Monsters—Awakening and Evolution. When you Awaken a Monster, it transforms into a larger version of itself. It gains stats, gets a more potent version of its old attack, or learns a new attack.

If you want to Awaken your Monsters, they first need to have their Stars turn into Gold. Once you’ve decided which Monster you want to Awaken, you have to acquire certain Elements from the Hall of Elements. Typically, Monsters need the same Elements that they possess in order to Awaken, but some Monsters can use neutral magic.

If you wish to increase the Star Rating of your Monsters, you need them to undergo the process of Evolution. This involves sacrificing a number of Monsters on your roster that share the same Star Rating with the Monster you wish to Evolve.

Furthermore, the number of Monsters you need to sacrifice depends on the Star Rating of the Monster that you want to evolve. For instance, if you wish to Evolve a 4-Star Monster to 5-Stars, you have to sacrifice four 4-Star Monsters. Each Monster can only be evolved up to a 6-Star Monster. Once evolved, your Monster will see a significant boost in its stats.

Awakening and Evolving take some time to master, and it uses up precious resources and even sacrifice Monsters in your roster. But if you feel that you want to bring out the best version of your favorite Monster, you have to properly plan out the best Awakening and Evolution path. This way, you won’t waste your resources to get the strongest version of your favorite Monster!

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