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Summoners War: Learning Your Monsters’ Elements

Knowing your Monsters well is essential in Summoners War since they are going to fight for you in every battle. As such, you have to be knowledgeable about your Monsters so you can raise and develop them into their full potential.

Each Monster has a corresponding Element that encompasses its strengths and weaknesses. There are five elements in the game: Fire, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark. In terms of interaction, here’s a quick rundown of what each Element is strong and weak against:

  • Fire is exceptionally strong against Wind but struggles when faced against Water.
  • Wind makes quick work of Water but gets taken down easily by Fire.
  • Water is effective against Fire but has a hard time against Wind.
  • Light does decent damage against Fire, Wind, and Water, but is weak against Dark.
  • Dark also inflicts serviceable damage on Fire, Wind, and Water, but struggles against Light.


Taking Advantage of Elemental Weaknesses

Diving deeper into Element strengths and weaknesses, you have to remember that your Monsters’ attacks and defense will be affected whenever they hit or get hit by attacks that they are strong or weak against.

When your Monster is battling an opponent and their Element is strong against it, their attacks gain an additional fifteen percent critical strike chance as well as a percentage chance of landing a Crushing Hit. When your Monster deals a Crushing Hit on an enemy, its attack has thirty percent more damage, and a “Fatal Blow” text will pop-up during the battle.


summoners war gameplay


For example, if you have a Monster that is a Water Element and you strike an enemy Monster that is a Fire Element, your Monster’s attack normally damages for 100. But when the Crushing Hit applies, you deal with 130 damage instead.

Conversely, if you’re battling a Monster who has the Element advantage, your Monster’s attack will be less potent. To be precise, your Monster’s damage is reduced by twenty percent, its critical strike chance is also reduced by fifteen percent, and its Attacks have a chance to deal with a Glancing Attack on the opponent. This reduces its damage by thirty percent.

This is why you should know what Monster has what Element so that you can hit hard and avoid damage. In some cases like with dungeon bosses, they have multiple Elements that make your Monsters’ damage less potent. In these cases, you have to rely on your strategy and your monster’s stats. 

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