How to Play Summoners War

The main premise of Summoners War revolves around taming and training Monsters to create the strongest team. There are over 1,000 kinds of Monsters in this game, each with their respective strengths and weaknesses. It is up to you to determine which Monsters are strong and what their weaknesses are.


You have to take note of this as you continue to collect more monsters and progress through the game Once you are familiar with your Monsters’ strengths and weaknesses, you can figure out which lineup works the best for your team. You can also plan out which area should you traverse next.

Thrilling Turn-Based Action

Summoners War’s gameplay also takes heavily on classic RPGs, specifically when it comes to how you engage in combat with enemies. The game employs turn-based gameplay that sees you and your opponent try to gain advantage and defeat each other’s team.

You will have to use critical thinking as well as knowing what Monsters your opponent has on their team so that you can adjust your offensive and defensive strategies accordingly. Apart from picking the right move, timing is also essential. You need to know when to use the right move so that you can inflict the most damage and eventually defeat the opponent!

PvE & PvP Battles

Explore different maps and environments in your quest to get the strongest Monsters and train them to be part of your team and ever-expanding collection! Step into deep dungeons, perilous caverns, well-guarded crypts and towers, and battle the different Boss Monsters in their lairs.

However, since you are taking the fight to them, they will have the advantage. You have to be ready for whatever tricks these bosses might use to get the jump on you! If you’re having trouble completing an area, you can ask help from your friends or join a guild. This way, you and your friends or guildmates can work together to topple any boss you encounter.


But if battling against other players is your thing, Summoners War also lets you combat other Summoners through exciting PvP matches. Assemble up to three of your strongest Monsters and command them against opposing players!

Establish yourself as one of the best Summoners around. Make sure to use your Monsters’ strengths strategically to unleash devastating and well-timed attacks! Prizes and bragging rights await you once you have bested the PvE areas and proved yourself on the PvP battlegrounds!

How to Play Summoners War on PC

If you want to experience the action on PC, you can play Summoners War on your desktop for free! Just download the game here by clicking the “Download Now” icon, or by going to our download page. Make sure you have a stable Internet connection to complete the download and installation without interruptions.